Judge Akbar….

Posted by on Oct 21, 2009 in Akbar Lightning, Philosophy, Truth, Universals

Life requires judgment. Judgment is always incomplete, yet it is necessary. Everybody makes judgments. In fact, all choice is a form of judgment. Those who would say otherwise, claiming that they live in a morality free universe, one where they do not impose their will on surrounding events are lying to themselves. For to make […]

Violent Septembers – A wormhole…

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The following is a poem written by W.H. Auden on the day that World War II broke out.  It is called September 1st, 1939, and it is the mirror I hold up to all of us on this day when we remember our own tragedy 8 years ago. September 1st, 1939 W.H. Auden I sit […]

Akbar’s Hypothetical – The Unknown Machine Problem

Imagine the following scenario: An alien form of consciousness with an extremely advanced level of intelligence sets up a transmitting device on another planet, let us say Jupiter, and this object transmits a constant signal toward earth, a sub-atomic field of particles that interacts with our neural patterns in such a way that every time […]

Dear Universe

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Our thoughts and ideas are more powerful than we often realize.

Notes on the Frontier, via Aphorism and Anecdote

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Aphorism 1: The spirit hits you when your artfulness–your capacity and willingness to describe truth in a contingent yet sincere way–supercedes your insistence on a truth that corresponds with absolute fidelity to language. Because I am (at least for now) an historian, I like to tell stories.  Or perhaps it’s the other way around.  However, […]

100 Complex Things #2- David Stern

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In this drawing I chose the complex thing known as David Stern, a little shout out to the man who started this line of inquiry, and who praised Globatron.

100 Complex things – Truth

Posted by on May 19, 2009 in Akbar Lightning, Universals

As a companion piece to David Stern’s wonderful work 100 Simple Things, Akbar Lightning will be doing 100 Photoshop drawings of 100 Complex Things.  The first piece is entitled Truth (I bet you would have never guessed that one!) TRUTH

Globatron’s Universals #1 – All art relies upon a context that it utilizes to identify itself as art.

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All art relies upon a context that it utilizes to identify itself as art. Because of the semantic problems found in using the word laws to search for universal principles we have decided to take a new approach to this investigation into the nature of art.  The art laws were always seen as overtly provocative […]