Utopian Fantasies

The fact that most are unwilling to face is that the rise of technology has decreased dramatically the necessity of work, and thus the driving force of exploitation.  So, those in charge are finding it more and more difficult to justify the exploitation of the masses, but they are still succeeding in doing so by […]

Ode To Haters….

in this talk, Akbar Lightning defends his love of haters…and presents the philosophical structure that drives this paradox…

Human Nature….

this is a clip from Examined Life, a documentary featuring 10 philosophers, very well done, simple, not flashy but clear and concise…

Beyond Beyond Good and Evil

If evil can be defined as processes that work against human happiness and natural balance, then we can agree that evil exists and therefore that good also exists, those forces that add to human happiness and natural balance.  The effort to live without these notions is a failed experiment, a kind of hubristic aim to […]

The Tao of Akbar #2 – History 2.0

History is not dead. However, never before have so many people wanted to perceive it in the present. This is the paralysis we feel when confronting our place in the world, as we seek to inject ourselves into a perceived narrative arc, an allegorical illusion inculcated by a mechanized system of culture.  Many people call […]

Isolation of the Thinker

After listening to the Terence McKenna talk embedded below I was reminded of something I wrote about 6 years ago, long before I knew of McKenna.  It verified my primary thesis about life which is: We are born with a truth inside of us, and our lives are about its articulation. The following is an […]

Akbar’s Maxims #3

Philosophers complicate the simple. Sages simplify the complicated.

Fish Dinner

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Letter to the President #3

Dear President Obama, This is not a letter I wanted to write as, like many, I have a lot on my plate.  However, after hearing your recent Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech, I am convinced that, in addition to all that the underclass of this country is expected to give, like our labor for your […]

Fight the Power – A Confession

The life of a rebellious person is made more difficult by the accumulation of knowledge.  As I grow I see there is a constant temptation to use knowledge as a defense against, what is innate in some people, the tendency to advocate for justice, in the form of the complacency that can come with comfort.  […]

Akbar’s Maxim #2 – Survival of the fastest

There are 3 approximations of cultural relativity that are appropriate to define in a time like ours, one of logarithmic increase of change.  First, there is the awareness of culture as a response to individualized environments, which brings about a more nuanced understanding of morality.  Then there is living with this knowledge that changes the […]

You might be a slave if…#1

You might be a slave if your labor benefits the owner way more than it benefits you. You might be a slave if every job seems to contain the same numerical trap. You might be a slave if when your company is sold, you get sold with it, and you lose your benefits, while the […]


I find things online that blow my mind. I think of these inventions and how they can change time. I dream of environments that they can coincide. These stories are reality right around the blind Visions that we can not see yet. Not unimaginable but yet to be vetted. Investigated and researched and funded before […]

Expectations of Good People #1

This is a new series, much like The Laws, that illustrates that what we are seeking in our world is the ability to expect certain behaviors of others, and good people expect good behavior, and are often called idealists because of this.  follow along as we explore the expectations of good people, jump in and […]

Akbar Rage #1

Just got off the phone with my mom… she’s upset because the days she’s earned, she has to beg to take off, and her boss, the evil b#@ch purposely refuses to allow her to take a full week around christmas just to f#$kin upset her, because she is evil and has just a little bit […]

Akbar’s Provocations #1 – Dumb and Dumber

99 percent of human beings are intellectually shallow, dumb. Most people are creatures of habit, dependant upon a system that promises to satisfy their basic desires and because they are attached to these promises they are very resistant to the critical thinking required to accept radical changes in the system or the ideologies that are […]

Showing My Cards

Posted by on Nov 5, 2009 in Choken Word, Universals

Moments in time like quick footsteps. Flying by throughout your mind and sometimes One must look back and think of the path they have taken and what was learned. I have lived recklessly and taken chances. I have not treated my body like a temple. I have been close to the edge and found my […]

Good News!

Hello Citizens, as we here at Globatron are often guilty of pointing out all the evils of the world, I leapt at the chance to pass this program along to you, to share the 3 stories of hope and good news concerning our species and its proclivity for violence.  If you need an uplift, if […]