Letter to the President #3

Dear President Obama, This is not a letter I wanted to write as, like many, I have a lot on my plate.  However, after hearing your recent Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech, I am convinced that, in addition to all that the underclass of this country is expected to give, like our labor for your […]


found these on matrixmasters.com, they tie into a growing dissatisfaction….letter coming Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Fight the Power – A Confession

The life of a rebellious person is made more difficult by the accumulation of knowledge.  As I grow I see there is a constant temptation to use knowledge as a defense against, what is innate in some people, the tendency to advocate for justice, in the form of the complacency that can come with comfort.  […]

Early Adapter

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  I have been clicking a mouse for years.     Clicking and typing to make my fears     subside by paying my growing bills.     Learning to find perfection in strokes and fills     Gradients, vector, bitmap and pixel alignment.     To find excitement through a new assignment.     To learn new technology along the way.     To see the connections that always […]

Variety is not Freedom #2

Today I bought a Glaceau Vitamin Water, and I was  a little perturbed by the text on the bottle, and due to an overwhelming popularity of my previous Variety is not Freedom post, I decided to continue in this critique of products.  Here is the text followed by some commentary: (not capitalized on the bottle) […]

You might be a slave if…#1

You might be a slave if your labor benefits the owner way more than it benefits you. You might be a slave if every job seems to contain the same numerical trap. You might be a slave if when your company is sold, you get sold with it, and you lose your benefits, while the […]

Akbar’s Provocations #1 – Dumb and Dumber

99 percent of human beings are intellectually shallow, dumb. Most people are creatures of habit, dependant upon a system that promises to satisfy their basic desires and because they are attached to these promises they are very resistant to the critical thinking required to accept radical changes in the system or the ideologies that are […]

Akbar’s Confession

I love first-person shooters! That’s right! If you read this blog regularly you probably know that I am a radical pacifist, believing that war is never an option for solving a problem. In fact, I don’t believe that countries ought to have standing armies, or that soldiering should be a career option. These are all […]

Akbar’s Word of the Year – Anomie

This is an answer, a way of responding to that question ‘What’s wrong?” Anomie, a term used by Derkheim, who I am not familiar with, but read this wikipedia article and I think you will agree it addresses much of what we are dealing with today.

New Bodies…

yo citizens, this seems like one of those rare looks into something that will have far reaching consequences. just my prediction…if this doesn’t both freak you out and excite you, then you became a robot a long time ago…Father Mapple Moab Adzu III

Net Work – An unseen film

Posted by on Sep 1, 2009 in Akbar Lightning, politics, TheMachine, Truth

I recently received an email from our friend Emil, and he enthused about a film called Network, so like all us humanoids do, i youtubed the hell out of it, and after watching this clip, and without watching the whole movie i decided to post.  I will watch it all soon, but what i’ve seen […]

Akbar’s Hypothetical – The Unknown Machine Problem

Imagine the following scenario: An alien form of consciousness with an extremely advanced level of intelligence sets up a transmitting device on another planet, let us say Jupiter, and this object transmits a constant signal toward earth, a sub-atomic field of particles that interacts with our neural patterns in such a way that every time […]

Mario Savio

Posted by on Jun 25, 2009 in TheMachine

I’d like to add this to our library. Many will recognize it, as it is a classic in the history of machine consciousness. Mario Savio came from humble beginnings, and he never held any official authority. Yet he spoke powerfully and with an instinct for recognizing the enormity of the problem that American empire–with its […]

Eye-Pocket, Ipocket, iThink, iWorld, iMachine…

Posted by on Jun 10, 2009 in Akbar Lightning, Futurism, TheMachine

At Globatron, I would imagine we are not in the business of promoting products, and I am not doing that here.  I am merely posting these videos to point out developments that are certain to change the nature of human connectivity and affect how we think about ‘culture’ and ‘cultural products’, and all those terms […]