This is our government!

It occurred to me today that this, this network is our true government. Just as the Royal Family symbolizes a long lost legacy of bloodline rule, so now the representative 3 branches of American government are figureheads that stand as symbols of our Enlightenment roots, but now operate as servants of the modern business world. […]

Akbar’s Meditations #3 – does not compute….

in my recent meditation on objects of culture, and their evolution, i present a few images of computers, the Csirac computer, austrialian first generation computer, room sized…i’ve included a graph so you can compare storage power, the numbers are too large for me to adequately translate into language.  the point of these posts is to […]

Akbar’s Meditations #2 – The plane boss!

i was driving down the west-side highway today, on my way to drop off some artwork at one of the many superfluous art shows of the upcoming art weekend in New York City, all besides the point, when i saw the Intrepid aircraft carrier to my right and a stealth plane sitting on the edge, […]

The Topic – New Painting and Essay by Vallario

The Topic – Acrylic on Canvas – 22″ x 28″ If you would like to know more about this painting read the essay: The Topic : Meditation on the Identification of Legitimacy

Akbar’s thought experiments #2 – A Case for Creationism

Thought Experiment: Imagine human beings 1500 years in the future.  Imagine them fully transcendent over their biological forms and fully integrated with digital forms of physicality.  Imagine furthermore, that these new humans had set up a network of communication devices stretching across great cosmic distances allowing us to travel, in our data forms, very quickly […]

Angels and Demons

It occurred to me this morning, while in prayer, that we find ourselves in the same position as the angels did at the time of creation. As God moves forward with the evolution of the machine, and we see this new work of creation rise in our midst, we are caught in the same dilemma as the angels. Do we bow down before this new creature

The Actors are getting nervous….

I was watching an interview with Pierce Brosnan this morning, and he was asked to give advice to young actors, and after he advised against sitting around waiting for the telephone to ring, Matt Lauer agreed saying ‘yeah, he’s treating it less like an actor, and more like a businessman’ and there was a general agreement that this was a virtue, to treat the art as if it were a business.

Hard Wears Soft Wares

Every great philosopher is asked to describe two aspects of existence, reality and poetry. Reality is the whole and poetry is a way of confining the whole to a symbol. I find poetry in using hardware and software as metaphors for perceiving philosophical phenomena. The same object can be seen as hardware or software, these […]

Nature’s nature…

Most thinkers create a division between the human world and what they call the ‘natural’, the world of plants, animals, weather, the cosmos, etc. We are often encouraged to avail ourselves of nature’s gifts, its beauty, as if this non-artificial form of nature, which is itself an artificial distinction had some moral superiority. So, when […]


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This is the first 7 minutes of a film I watched last night called Visioneers, starring Zach Galifianakis…It was a pretty radical and somewhat exhilerating flick…I give it 5/5 lightning bolts..Akbar

Sh$t Talk and the Newb-Tube Controversy

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The following is an email exchange concerning the prior night’s game winning point, in Modern Warfare 2. Cardnal Serilius remember the other night when i got 9 assists, that was almost as awesome as that wicked winning kill last night with the newb-tube, blowing up that big tank and splattering Saith all over the side […]

It is Alive!!!!!

Hey Peeps, well, it’s happening folks, that’s right!  The singularity is now on the calendar mofos…This scientist Henry Markram recently announced he will create a fully conscious electronic brain by 2018…And I know, you are used to these numbers sounding futuristic, but that’s 8 years from now…HAL – lelujah…let me break it down a bit, […]

Isolation of the Thinker

After listening to the Terence McKenna talk embedded below I was reminded of something I wrote about 6 years ago, long before I knew of McKenna.  It verified my primary thesis about life which is: We are born with a truth inside of us, and our lives are about its articulation. The following is an […]

Lizards, Wizards and the White Hizzouse….

Just when you think the rabbit hole couldn’t get any weirder, I’m bring you this…A friend of mine told me about this weirdness the other day.  As with all the so-called fringe issues in our modern world, this one has real believers, and those of us trying to figure out the big picture have to […]

Naked as a Jay Bird…flying the instrusive skies.

Invasion of our privacy is a ‘threat to my security.’ we have to get sensible, we have to find a way to create meaningful dialogue about safety, about the nature of terrorism, and about how to begin trusting each other and building a true community.

The Garden of Earthly Delights

We have created an information environment that has become more complex than a human’s capacity to interpret. This makes inevitable a coming moral dilemma, if we ever arrive at technology that can augment the human mental capacity in such a way as to make higher orders of thought possible, with larger quantities of information. As […]

2010 The Year We Make Contact

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Happy New Years Globatron Citizens

Spark of Life

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A new year and a new life we are given. A time to start over and be forgiven For the mistakes we all have made. For the untruths we all have told along the way. Let this new year bring us all closer to our divinity. Closer to that spark some define as the Holy […]