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If I could push you an upgrade.

Eating and Excreting

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Eating and Excreting

You are as free as a tree. No real choice. No real voice. What did you want? The power to do all you desire? To be a god inside this mortal fire? To attain control? There is no free will. There is no free meal. There is no free will. There are no free bills. […]

Our Human Shores

Our Human Shores

Humans are at the center of design As we can sit here and recline. Life critical systems operate all around. They are hidden out of view and can’t be found. They produce the water we drink. They produce the electricity we use to help think. All prototyped by cross disciplinary teams. Created by engineers, scientists, […]

A New View

A New View

I take a breath and make a wish That this world will continue to exist. That we will learn from our mistakes. That we will give more than we take. As a new year begins again I say goodbye to the year that ends. Which almost broke the world’s back. As unemployment and foreclosures grew. […]

Meditation on Radiation

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I worked daily with you. I took out your trash. No clue my cells were mutating. Dancing within your microscopic view. You surely courted them anew. Sold them a truth I did not know. Giving me a tumor inside my head. Changing the direction of my life’s thread. No longer able to focus on the […]

I was lost but now I’m found…

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I believe again. Men did walk on the moon. The science was legit. No hoax by our government. I saw the rocket that propelled Man out of earth’s orbit. Shot us to our satellite As man looked down in delight. I believe again. That conspiracy does not rule. That thousands did not tie Their tongues […]


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Poetry and science Are similar in their appliance. Poetry collects abstract thoughts. Old and new stories are taught. Subtracting from the lie. One less pill to prescribe. Science collects facts. Puts them in charts and graphs. Producing new theory. To accept or be leery. Both search for truth. The elusive white whale of youth. Both […]

It’s a Small World

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Let us just take a post and marvel at these…these are all insect eggs, mostly butterfly eggs like the one below…

The Invention

I am watching everyone make their mark. Using ideas and technology to make their start. Google. YouTube. Facebook. Twitter. What is my worth with no web application to birth? Cook it down, on a slow simmer. Until the idea glimmers. Until there is no sound. Until my mind becomes unbound. I can no longer […]

Wish You Were Here….

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I tried to do a short rap related to this picture, but i got nowhere….and after seeing Universaltron’s post, i realized we were resonating in a similar place…this image is amazing to me…taken by the Nasa Messenger Mission, a satellite that is orbiting Mercury…so this is a picture of how our Earth and Moon would […]

Meditation on Magnetism

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Transients we all are. Passing under the radar. Not a blip on the screen. Only objects seen in our memories. Magnetism unites And separates. Lose your charge. Drop like a card. Through the ground. The earth, moon and stars All separated by this charge. So infinite and small. Repulsing and uniting all. Godlike its invisible […]

Akbar’s Fake Science #1 – Christian Science

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After seeing a bumper sticker the other day, that read ‘Keep Christ in Christmas’, I realized that when we remove ‘Christ’ from Christmas, that leaves us with Mas…which would normally be equal to Energy divided by the Speed of Light squared…but Mas is missing one S, so this makes obvious the idea that Jesus Christ […]

One Long Infinite Pause

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Originally from One Long Infinite Pause.



Freedom from Ignorance

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facts and stats are just that. with them you can do anything. hide behind them and create a new reality. because in life, there is duality. some people look things up. most people make things up. who needs to study when one can lie. the ice is not melting it is a disguise. the […]

Reductio Ad Absurdum

My dear Globatron Citizens, I am very happy to present my latest book Reductio Ad Absurdum – Five Considerations for the 21st Century Philosopher Sage.  It is available for purchase from at the link below.  I will be giving a free preview as a series of posts through the next few weeks.  After the […]

Scientific Skepticism – Early Man

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I have always wondered about the limited fossil resources and how they are used to draw a picture of Man’s development as a primate…I have always wondered about how scientists account for individual variation…and how they caution themselves against speculation. Many of the fragments I have seen that scientists use to reconstruct prehistoric primate history […]

Quantum Leap

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Yo G-tron citizens…check out this latest experiment…things are going to get real jiggy real fast up in here…y’all goin make me lose my mind…up in here…up in here… Father Mapple ( — Scientists in China have succeeded in teleporting information between photons further than ever before. They transported quantum information over a free space distance […]

Who Let the Dogs Out!!!!

Very Rough Terrain…

The Face of Akbar Lightning

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A lot of our readers have asked to see the face of Akbar Lightning….well, if you want to know what he looks like, check out these photos of him in action.  Remember not to make the genetic fallacy, associating his presence with the cause of a disaster.  What you are seeing in these photos is […]