Akbar’s Theology #1

This is part of a larger thesis I am working on, that will eventually, once i clarify the argument turn into a full 21st century argument for the existence of God or Gods, and the need to utilize religious language to interpret experience and find balance. Feel free to critique or engage. Akbar’s Theology #1 […]

Holy War – Part 1

This is the first in a series here at Globatron, where we are going to acknowledge a growing cultural collision occurring right now in our world, in a way that differs from the approved media portrayal. In other words, we are going to take it for granted that a holy war is under way, between […]


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“Every choice human being strives instinctively for a citadel and a secrecy where he is saved from the crowd, the many, the great majority—where he may forget ‘men who are the rule,’ being their exception—excepting only the one case in which he is pushed straight to such men by a still stronger instinct, as a […]

Burning Man…

I pulled some fragments from the fire….

If Freedom Exists…

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Burning Man Burning I was there last night. I watched the burning man take flight. Go up in fire and fall. I watched the crowds and all. The fireworks as the burners rejoiced. Feeling the connectivity and one voice Heard over the desert. If freedom exists it is in the twist Of the match that […]

From a Letter to A (foreign) Friend

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October 2001, Manhattan I catch myself calling myself a human before “American,” but no one seems to understand, or at least acknowledge, that.  And I wonder if I am human, and I wonder if the other things I call human are human.  The mythology is thick, and it’s hard to distinguish truth from mere tales […]

Political Tourism

I am not posting the following video to arouse a political discussion.  I mean come on, these people hardly warrant a serious response.  I am posting it as a device to illustrate a few theories of mine. 1.  Politics and political nostalgia have become a form of tourism, like a virtual game that some people […]

In My Solitude….

With every additional year of life the creative person becomes more adept at his/her craft but what grows alongside of this mastery is the looming expanse of untranslatable selfhood, that quiet quality of one’s essence that reminds a person of his/her mortal challenge. Every creative act is an affirmation of life, and those works which […]

While Eating Our Breakfast

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Philosophy teaches us. Unsettles us. With what we already know. It works by remixing what you know And makes it strange. Philosophy estranges us from the familiar. Providing and provoking a new way of thinking. Once the familiar becomes strange You are never again the same. Self-knowledge can never become unknown. Political philosophy is a […]

Psychiatry as a philosophical necessity…

as i grow and learn, i become more convinced everyday of the need to see historical forces through the filter of psychology…i found a reference to this man and found this clip…very fascinating and i see here a man walking the fine lines that define the character of the 21st century wise-man…enjoy…His name is Alejandro […]

Father Mapple’s Prophecies #1

The 21st century will see truth dethroned as the ideal target of philosophy and honesty will take its place. Father Mapple Moab Adzu III

Father Mapple’s Life Lessons…#1

The strength of a relationship is discovered in the exploration and dismantling of obstacles to shared purpose… If you would like to learn more about this, read the wave that is growing over at GU, and see how Akbar and Globatron found some solutions to our existential crisis…. This post was brought to you by […]

Looking Within

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What is Globatron? In the past Globatron has found its inspiration through naturally occurring events in the real world.  Lately, having been displaced by a variety of forces, we are being forced to question our methods and investigate our conclusions and theses.  We are on a soul-finding mission and we invite anybody into the discussion.  […]

Globatron Saint

more hope, found within the machine…this young woman is a saint in my mind, and will serve as a model for my work this year on globatron….we must get out there again, and let our society know that we mean to be heard…bravo!!!! for speech full text click the link here

Choken then Spoken

The first collection of spoken word mixes from the Choken Word series available now. >>Download<<

Death and Taxes

an idea starts out inside your head. planted like a virus for you to wed. you begin to think of your world differently. you begin to believe you are systematically reinventing the world before your eyes. truth be known you are just a spectator in vibe with your puppet masters. who are pulling your […]

Father Mapple’s Commandments #1

My dear Globatron brethren and sistren, I have been thinking lately about the nature of law-giving.  Anybody who has been around our temple for any time knows that this is a constant fascination for me.  I have been meditating on how it is that such things operate, like the 10 commandments, The Code of Hammurabi, […]

One Long Infinite Pause

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Originally from One Long Infinite Pause.

Blue China

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Maybe this is it. This language thing. This sharing thing. All our thoughts and dots Absorbed into one spot. The air in the antique room. Blue china, decorated doll house of a life lived serving. Teaching others to read. To seed their own passions while neglecting one’s own. I looked at my ancestral tree […]

Reductio Ad Absurdum

My dear Globatron Citizens, I am very happy to present my latest book Reductio Ad Absurdum – Five Considerations for the 21st Century Philosopher Sage.  It is available for purchase from lulu.com at the link below.  I will be giving a free preview as a series of posts through the next few weeks.  After the […]