Globatron Laws #3 – Art reaches for the Sublime which has a moral character.

Posted by on Jan 9, 2009 in Akbar Lightning, Laws

Globatron Law #3  –  Art reaches for the sublime which has a moral character. I think this one will be a difficult one, and will be hotly debated.  But Socrates believed that beauty was merely a reflection of virtue, and I agree.  This puts artists under pressure to be leaders, thinkers and philosophers, although each […]

Globatron’s Laws #2 – All Art has Meaning.

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Be it internal or external. The artist who represents their work by saying it has no meaning is either lying to themselves, has not thought about it long enough, or hasn’t had enough time away from that body of work to come to the realization of what the work is about. All artwork is produced […]

Akbar’s Laws #1 – Art is not Aesthetics

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ART IS NOT AESTHETICS. (in an effort to make the ongoing debate more concise I have decided to propose some possible propositions.  If we find that they are true, or if, because of the deductive process of debate, we clarify these laws, then perhaps we would find some bedrock on which to build some concensus.  […]