Interview with Maria Albani

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So Maria, you are in a band called Schooner. Can you describe the type of sound you guys have? I can’t quite put my finger on it. It made me happy today at work? I’m glad it didn’t make you cry at work. You must’ve listened to the more poppy ones. I started playing […]

Partisan the Sea :: Preview

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Preview of Partisan the Sea opening Friday night. It will also be viewable during Artwalk next Wednesday. For more info check out, and Click to play

Interview with Jerstin Crosby

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I’m new to your work and thought an interview would be a great way to learn more. What are you currently working on? What I have been making for a while now is deeply involved with eco-terrorism.  Since I began this project I have used mechanical pencils for all of the drawings and have been […]

Interview with Fabrice Marcolini

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by Kurt Polkey. a dealer from Toronto that Kurt met in Miami and then again in New York during the Armory Show 2005. [youtube:]

Tag Team Interview

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Interview with Kurt Polkey

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Interview with Kurt Polkey by Morrison Pierce.  Kurt is looking to trade artwork. If anyone’s interested email him at  [email protected]

Interview with Emil Alzamora

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Click the below thumbnail for photos of his beautiful home and studio  visit on 10-20-08 in dreamy Beacon, NY. Slice of Heaven I know you from Florida State where we were in the BFA program together.  I lost track of you after that.  Can you briefly trace your path since graduation ten years ago? I […]

Interview with Katerie Gladdys

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Katerie’s web site is  The podcast is below with pics of her projects.  Katerie is faculty at the University of Florida, Digital Media Art program.


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…but, i needed to hear this: [youtube:]

Interview with Sharp Elbow

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Tori Sparks is JC: How do you define yourself as an artist? Do you have a term, or label you use in passing conversations? TS: Less a straight line, more an inimitable scribble (I’ve used that one before). JC: If so when and how did you arrive at that label? TS: It’s very hard […]

Overstreet Ducasse

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Interview with local artist Overstreet Ducasse at the Burrito Gallery. Overstreet has some of the most symbolic and loaded work I have seen. His show will be up two more weeks so if you get a chance swing by and check it out.

Interview with Lee Harvey

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by Stephen Dare…… Dare: Would you claim that Jacksonville is a city? Lee: It used to be. before the fire, it was a city. Dare: Can it ever be a city again Lee: Not until the klan gives up control. Dare: Art in Jacksonville: what should it’s role be? Lee: Art should be a liar. […]

Interview with OUR ART SITE

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JaxCAL just completed this candid and honest interview with Zach Smith the founder of Take a look see. They are a perfect example of what we can do as an arts community by not setting boundaries or borders. By seeing problems as opportunities. Thanks Zach. You guys are a real inspiration.