ask what you can do to ruin your country

Posted by on Sep 15, 2009 in healthcare, politics

I want my country back . . . Jack. I want it back because it has gotten taken to task. Now it’s no longer mine anymore. Who owns it now we must ask to be exact? We are thousands strong and we are proud to scream and yell. “I want my country back.  I want […]

Our story about employer health coverage, COBRA, and Cancer.

Posted by on Sep 11, 2009 in healthcare

Everyone should be aware that this is likely to happen to them! Back in 1/08, Byron asked the temporary agency for benefits information from “Company A” (Which he was considering taking a job with, but needed to know if the benefits were good enough) several times before making his decision to accept the contract. He […]

Healthcare Reform is Communism

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Or maybe Race Mixing is Communism. I’m confused. What decade is this? Little Rock integration protest

Anger Management

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I know things aren’t going well for you. I mean we have two wars going on, a recession, and our country is split down the seems over a healthcare reform debate. I know you might not have a job or will lose yours soon.  I know you wonder where your government handout will come.  […]

Letter to the President #2

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Well, I wrote another letter to the president after receiving an email from his administration.  I just can’t take it anymore, and you know what, we ought to keep shouting, we ought to keep shutting down the town hall meetings meant to advertise the power of politicians hoping to suck up to corporate greed. Dear […]

Healthcare Vigil with no Screaming or Yelling

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Healthcare vigil organized by People told their healthcare stories. There was no yelling or screaming about fascism or a government takeover. Or anyone talking about wanting their country back. It was just some sad broken people talking about their broken healthcare issues. I was the first to speak. I was a bit nervous and […]

My cancer friend in arms

Posted by on Aug 30, 2009 in healthcare

It really affected me when I heard of the death of Ted Kennedy this week because I have related to his struggle with brain cancer.  Not only because I also have a brain tumor in a similar area, but because of his four decades of work to get universal healthcare for all.  It’s quite odd […]

Letter to the President

Posted by on Jul 23, 2009 in Akbar Lightning, healthcare, politics

From the Yes Men to GreenPeace, to Bill Moyers, the list of progressives goes on, but there is a consistent concern with President Obama, and I could not take it anymore, as I see him waffling on this healthcare issue, fighting for a half-measure, when it is obvious to me that even his best plan […]

A View from Abroad

Posted by on Jul 12, 2009 in healthcare, Interviews, politics, WAR
A View from Abroad

A short interview with Roel Dalhuisen, a talented Dutch Graphic Designer I met through the interweb.  He lives in Utrecht, Netherlands.  This interview talks mostly about foreign policy, health care and how the United States is perceived by the Dutch and abroad.  I find his views on many issues very close to mine in many […]