The Random Story Machine:

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The Random Story Machine:

I could say why not? Why share my story with you or anyone? I suppose you could. I suppose you could take it with you. Where would I be taking it? Do you know? I didn’t say I knew anything. I just said maybe you don’t want to share. And why would I? Why would […]

Waiting to be Led

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Waiting to be Led

It is the phone that dehumanizes. Through distance. The one who answers. Their lack of empathy The voice message menu. The voice recognition. The wanting to talk to a human. To not be delayed. To feel that you are important enough to answer. That you are not a number. That your records can be reviewed. […]

A Grand Mal View

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A Grand Mal View

My skull in a clamp as the seizure set in. My entire body lifted and twisted. With my bone flap adjusted. Brain matter open. If only one millimeter off I wouldn’t be here today. A slice of nerve. Too much blood lost. Brain swelling costs. Cranial pressure off. But I awoke just fine. Left leg […]

Weebble Wobbles Falling Down

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Weebble Wobbles Falling Down

politics and the grit. the dirt in my teeth. the miles of junk food i did eat. i am a survivor of canned food and microwavable dinners. which did not win me years. memory masking the toxins inside. no fame here. just one lame duck citizen. bred to be non-effective. the poisons are everywhere inside […]

Drinking Coffee

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Tyranny we feared. Freedom we cheered. Fought a war to separate. From our many constraints. From the corporation of the King. What freedom have we gained? Slaves to the federal bank. Slaves to the wars we shank. To the natural resources we take. To the loans we pay and make. No longer able to pretend. […]

The Broken

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All the good ones are broken. They know it and they use it. Most would see it as something to forget. The broken see it as a reason to not remit. Using pain as something to gain. To give back to the world once again. A rape. A death. A disease. A pacemaker. A […]

Food Revolution

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A culture of dependency has been created
On the cheap availability of food sedating
Our culture from knowing how to cook.
We are addicts on a big hook.
Not able to stop our addiction we started.
We need an intervention that is big hearted.

The Big Game

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On the eve of the big decision I look back at all the division. How much mud has been slung? How many stories made up that were far flung? Made up lies used to distort and cause fear As a tactic to make this country veer From rights that have already been realized By smaller […]

The Glue that Binds

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I don’t want to be scared. Scared of not having health care. Scared of losing my income. Scared of not having friends to come To my funeral when I pass. Not to come to remember the past. When I was full of life and did silly acts Things I no longer remember as facts. That […]

Waiting for the Storm

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They say no one vote can change history. Unless you are a senator looking for a victory. Unless you are looking to obstruct a bill not supported in your personal construct. And if you are this man your vote is a Dictatorship. as you can ask for mountains of money for your leadership. Who cares if […]

It is called the Singularity

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My doctor doesn’t know about the singularity. The same man who is giving me directions for my clarity. And he has a resume and publications five miles long. As a trained expert on my brain which he works upon. Giving me medications that are only ten years old. Hoping for shrinkage or for the right […]

Freedom to Fear

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2014 health care reform will help my situation. That said, I’m finding it hard to muster the appreciation. Only four more years and we will be there. My pre-existing condition will finally be square. I will be able to get sick and not wonder where my treatment will come from when I lay bare without […]

Hey you, Whitehouse

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Big man, pig man, ha ha charade you are. Big man, pig man, I tried and I tried. I wrote emails and letters that spied the era of a new beginning among the average citizen, old and young. I talked to everyone around and online about health care reform and the spine of our country […]

A Simple Plan – Globatron Insurance Company

A thought occurred to me today…What is stopping people from starting their own non-profit insurance company. Given the right number of people, paying half of what they pay now, I am not sure why we couldn’t start a very simple pay-all insurance company. We would have no marketing costs, very few legal fights, and of […]


found these on, they tie into a growing dissatisfaction….letter coming Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

To Save Your Kind

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I look at you but you’re not there. You are data and profiles that we all know dear. I see your vital signs and where you’re from. Who is your closest of kin, blood type and then some. Data is continually floating through the air. Not just small talk but entire histories and identities. You […]

Expectations of Good People #1

This is a new series, much like The Laws, that illustrates that what we are seeking in our world is the ability to expect certain behaviors of others, and good people expect good behavior, and are often called idealists because of this.  follow along as we explore the expectations of good people, jump in and […]

Will you light a torch for me?

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To be honest, I’m too busy right now. Life is going by much too fast. I want to help change things. But at the end of the day I’m out of gas. I know I voted for this Hope and Change. And I know how much we really need it. But can’t the government fight […]

The new goals of human happiness and well-being

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FDR’s Economic Bill of Rights “All of these rights spell security and after this war is won we must be prepared to move forward in the implementation of these rights. The new goals of human happiness and well-being. America’s own rightful place in the world depends in large part upon how fully these and similar […]

Do we not look foolish and why don’t we care?

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Stealing words and video blurbs and making them into whatever one wishes.  Newspeak is at a high pitch and can be quite vicious. There’s an agenda operating here hidden under the gilded veil of patriotism, honor and duty. We are made to think without a blink that anyone who is for the government is a […]