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So to anyone interested, apparently I am taking the reigns of this blog. I have no plans for it (in keeping with my ever-improvisational, ambiguous artistic self) other than to make an effort to engage with it and with others regularly, creatively, honestly and forthrightly, whatever that means.


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Introducing the new alter ego of Globatron…. Polartron. Possibly polarizing? Below is a photo set of Polartron and offspring getting ready for church. As you can see he is a good God fearing character as all Americans should be.

Tag Team Interview

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Second mix by Globatron, Akbar Lighting and L.A. Mar. These projects start off with a theme, this one being the Singularity.  Each artist produces vocals by listening to the initial recording sampled by Akbar.  Then the recordings are sent back to Akbar and resampled into a mix in Garageband.  In essence they are collaborative e-songs.  […]

Fear and Change

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Globatron breaks down the current political situation, as clear as mud.

The States Religious Date Rape

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The first song from Akbar Lightning, Globatron and Logan. Track mixed by Akbar Lightning. Vocals by all three. Click Play Now.

Of Masks and Men (and Women)

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Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth. ~Oscar Wilde I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the idea of truth-telling, both in art-making and in art commentary. The masked figure this site now takes its name from is not […]

Choken Word 2

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Globatron’s a Pop Star

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It was a pleasure to read a glowing review of the Monster Art show at the old downtown library. As much as I would have liked to attend I didn’t.  As you all know Globatron isn’t into art about Monsters as I revealed in my first post, here.  I find the work generally shallow and […]

Choken Word 1

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Globatron’s sidekick

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Nugatron is my name. And I’m this many years old. See. I want American Kitty. Can you help me look for American Kitty? I want to be nice. I want to be nice.

Protected: Globatron’s Tumor

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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Globatron Gallery

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Derivative. Decorative.

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Welcome boys and girls to a new edition of Art Coverage. You say potato I say potato. Potato. Potato. Tomato. Tomato. You say original. I say derivative. Original. Derivative. Original. Derivative. You say Cool. I say Decorative. Cool. Decorative. Cool. Decorative. The artist I am talking about today folks is Mactruque. Either loved or hated […]

Globatron has a Posse

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In response to the recent ski mask discrimination I experienced from Urban Art Welfare here today. [youtube:] For a look at Globatron’s posse click here.

Art Coverage 1

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