Interjection, Part 2

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Continued from: Globatron Fiction Project #1 PART 2: Temple Square “You were. I wasn’t keeping track of the time.” “What do you need?” “I apologize, Akbar. I really—you know I rarely do hi-res anymore.” “Yes, this is what . . . I know. Don’t sweat it.” They looked at one another, under the temporary haze […]

Globatron Minutes…

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Yo G-tron Citizens, here are some minutes from our phone meetings yesterday concerning coming changes to globatron…globatron love you! Minutes Concerning Upcoming Opportunities at Globatron here are some excerpts from the email we received from a young man in New Zealand, and it does not get much better than that….many thanks! “What interests me about […]

Globatron Fiction Project #1

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Dear Globatron Citizens, I am very happy to announce this first installment of the Globatron Fiction Project, a short story written by the 3 main contributors to this site.  This first chapter was written by yours truly Akbar Lightning.  The next chapter will be written by Logocentric, followed by Globatron.  We will do 2 cycles […]

I am globatron

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Do I know who I am? More than a fan processing plans mimicking bands on other lands Don’t you see my buddy my comrade plain-spoken study more than a fad cosmic plaid I wear under my coats around my finger sacrificial goats

In the Protosphere

Earl[ier] Akbar Lightning protosphere ca. 2001 Born in the heat sung on the street blisters on feet but never as sweet as when he greets robots in sheets rhyming with neat glorious feats riding with jazzy mule monkeys.

Song of My Brothers, the Latest Non Sequitur

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I Know that we do not die yet the problem remains what we do here and what matters

Plastic Prophets

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Cyber attacked. The U.S. just got jacked with our heads turned, hands in our pockets. Knife in the back. Seems North Korea got tired of shooting their bottle rockets. So they decided to hack into our back pockets. With their neighbors in the South found unable to respond. Now their big brother across the pond […]

these pearly whites

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Dumb as a shock jock. Please… look at these pearly whites. Jeez…. As I protect the ball and drive it to the hole y’all. America wanted a Mr. Smarty Pants. Looks like I’m not one of these. I’m just a gal from Alaska set for the task of huntin and fishin. I didn’t make it […]

Globatron’s Global Speech

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Globatron addresses the global community about the future of Globatron. Thousands gathered at Globatron stadium to listen and cheered as the message was delivered.  According to the media the speech has become a rallying cry for global electrons passionate about peace and world unity. The future is now. The future is you. The future is […]

As seen on CNN

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Gay marriage. Abortion. Iran. North Korea. Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. Facebook. Facebook. Facebook. Facebook. Facebook. War. Terror. And the bombs bursting in air. We are so distracted by the simple things. Simple wings and a beer. Watch the game, have no fear. I want to live forever. The singularity is near. But “The […]

The Man with Three Ears

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Globatron is Transhuman

I’m sorry for my apathy

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As I try and build upon these inequities that have followed me. Swallowed me. There is a building amount of evidence against the system. That builds them. Them haters and inflamers. Chemicals are dimming my will power but I will not cower. Social issues cloud our foreign policy as our country builds upon its legacy. […]

Hate Speech 24/7

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Foaming at the mouth.

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Emil Alzamora “Plank” Spewing hatred from mountain tops that flop. ” I had nothing to do with those killings”, he says. “I only reported the truth about Tiller the Baby Killer”, and the Reverend says, “It’s the Jews who are keeping the President from talking to me. The Zionists that is.” And Palin’s family is […]

Alex Bogusky likes Globatron.

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From this Tweet. Ditto Alex. Twitter can be quite human at times.

Dear John Letter to Jacksonville

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I wanted to write this letter to notify you that it has been fun getting to know you.

Proud Bunny

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Please upgrade your browser

no remedy ever prescribed

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Please upgrade your browser “Nihilist” was originally a term of abuse.  Dictionaries from the early 19th century, when the word first came into use, define a nihilist as “one who is politically impartial” and “good-for-nothing,” while Louis-Sebastien Mercier’s dictionary of neologisms, published in 1801, states: “Nihilist or nothingist (riennist): one who doesn’t believe in anything.” […]

Globatron is Alive

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Click below to view a new daily photoblog of Globatron the alter-ego.  I’m using Tumblr and it feeds Twitter and my Facebook status.  I love connecting the dots.

News from the Front – Akbar and Globatron to resume search for art’s laws.

Dear Globatron, In a recent interview I asked Byron King, founder of Globatron, how he felt about all the hateful emails he had received as a result of this Chicken Wire project.  He responded, “Vikings didn’t sit around and cry because someone didn’t like them.”  And I was not surprised when he explained later in […]