Love Incarnate

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Love Incarnate

To have children while battling

Children of the Flame

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Children of the Flame

Hands in soil as we toil.  Labor intent on solving hunger and thirst.  All spare ground newly found and used to farm.  To mend. Roofs turned into nurseries.  Muscles tense.  Tendons enhanced.  Working hard for this, our second chance. Time is transient.  One day moves into another amended only by the seasons.  All movement set […]

The Cleansing

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The Cleansing

A sphere rotates Inside energy migrates From the land to the sea. Connecting everything. The stars. The sky. The clouds. The streams. The rivers. The oceans. Morphing together as one. An arm, a leg an eye. Pulled inward and outward. Cleaning the Earth’s blood. The soil. The plants. The water. The animals. The bacteria. The […]

In Your Eyes

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In Your Eyes

a note in one’s hand. tucked away to be read again. words to remind one of love. a time before the world begin to boil. when children were tucked into bed from above. so much food children did not eat. a time when children would rather have treats than to eat a good dinner. now […]

Born in the Abyss

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Born in the Abyss

it cuts both ways the tools we use today discarded tomorrow. minerals stolen, poison sorrow. gold drained, used and forgotten. woodlands raped, wiped and rotten. building a better tool. communicating to you. wired and text messaged. tell me where you are right now? what do you dream of? where are we going? brains upgraded, many […]

Weebble Wobbles Falling Down

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Weebble Wobbles Falling Down

politics and the grit. the dirt in my teeth. the miles of junk food i did eat. i am a survivor of canned food and microwavable dinners. which did not win me years. memory masking the toxins inside. no fame here. just one lame duck citizen. bred to be non-effective. the poisons are everywhere inside […]

Parallel Evolution

Universaltron and I talked about this exact model after the spill…i cannot remember the post, but maybe he will embed it here…but the idea we had was that much could be done with a small army of bots…whelp, it seems our idea was a good one, and that somebody else, better equipped, went forward… i […]

I Did Try

changing realities thoughts. changing realities bought. knowing the food you input. knowing the garbage you output. no food from a can. no meat eaten. small choices we make. big voices we take. the world is begging. not to be forgotten. what we do right now. the seeds forever found. our children will learn. what […]

Oil Slick

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this is an image of artist Ron English’s new painting…he is known for his pop-satire works, more can be seen at

The Core Truth

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tectonic debates, crunching blue blankets of crusted unearthed motivations the core of molten values, the existential magnetic center seeps out new ground surrounds us, territory for unvegetated investigation the great consumption, driven by madmen to suspend the entropic constant the great presumptions left like dying soldiers to cry out into the night sky…Why me? the […]

Please Keep Trying

The sky is falling. The oil is burning. The car bombs are exploding. The terrorists are hiding. The troops are fighting. The politicians are arguing. The people are hurting. The religious are praying. The scientists are inventing. The unemployed are hunting. The rich are buying. The poor are starving. The sick are dying. The forests are disappearing. The deserts are growing. The ice is melting. The waters are rising. The environment is dying. But […]

Is “global warming” stealing my life?

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Greetings 2010! It has been awhile since my last posting, but with all things in life, there is a natural winter rhythm that must be obeyed! Like a hirsute mammal, I was burrowed into a cave recharging for the spring [substitute Pacific island for cave in this case]. Throughout my winter journey, I was often […]

to be human again

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I woke up today thinking this could be the end of this stinking compromise of which we are all living. I remembered the citrus growers And how they have lost everything. Today farmers woke and discovered Billions of dollars frozen and crushed By mother nature’s touch. As the arctic winds blew in and sat For […]

Surviving in Style

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I’m driving down the interstate in the minivan, kids in tow foot in mouth disease. Thinking of how we will survive it all when the waters rise and it’s time to flee. Imagining how I can construct a survival pod that will attach to the van; to live it out in a mountain top flat […]


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Machete vs. Machine

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Machete vs. Machine All the species of the land will be swallowed whole by waters rising in our lifespan. Climate change is a pesky commercial playing in the other room as you eat your pizza and watch the game. The game is now and it’s not a rehearsal. What game do you choose to watch […]

Love’s Destiny

The following video is a recording of Azarai, man who very recently had an identity rebirth and has developed a philosophy of love, truth and harmony.  He is a great example of what I’ve been looking for in this world, a neo-primitive who is reawakened to the possibility of expansive identity and dares to dream […]

A Convenient Truth

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Anybody who claims to have a serious interest in Global Warming ought to listen to this podcast, and if you claim that your reasons for believing in the climate crisis is that you find the science convincing, then only prejudice would keep you from checking on these findings before maintaining that stance.  There are some […]