Ocean One Mission

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Ocean One Mission

You haven’t seen anything yet. Get prepared. Get inventive.

Volunteer A23-5

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Volunteer A23-5

I am volunteer A23-5 We made it here and we are fine There is little time to think So much to do to keep us alive Sometimes I dream of the western pioneers As we sit here in our tubed station Maintaining life support for no nation So that this will be here when you […]


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I wear a mask and suit each day to work. Plastic and chrome. Black jacket, black tie. I am one of a billion. Same suit, same mask. Nothing new to task. Back to the future is my home. Where my beat’s and rhythm’s dance. Neon eighties bass. Boom boxed in. Deep craters of twelve inch […]

Love is Real…Real is Love…

i thought this video about the dating game was interesting. i think the instinctual reaction to such a thing is horror, and i would love to know why…even i have that knee-jerk reaction…but because i practice suspending my immediate judgments, i realized that there is nothing wrong with such a game, if it provides pleasure […]

Words for the Turning

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That man is richest whose pleasures are the cheapest. (Henry David Thoreau. March 11, 1856)

New Year, 2001

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From a letter to a friend living in New York City, written on New Year’s Day, 2001. It’s New Year’s Day. Happy New Year, pal. Last night I sat down at my desk with the Bible and read Revelation. I think the Babylon John talks about is New York. The false idols, spices, fine linens, […]

The End is Near

Hold onto your ankles boys and girls…we are getting ready to really see if there is a God, if there is anything like justice in this world…because according to the experts, it’s going to get real deep, real soon, so grab ahold of whatever reserves of courage and faith that you got and get ready […]

Who Let the Dogs Out!!!!

Very Rough Terrain…

Red Dead Seduction

Say what you will about the morality of video games, this game, releasing tomorrow is an example of a revolutionary new aspect of cultural arts.  What Casablanca was for the movie industry…it is very possible this will be for the gaming industry. I might be stretching this debate too far…but again, i am interested in […]

mothers day, 1914

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[a belated note] to the president from the generation labeled “X” Dear Mr. Pres.: Thanks for the proclamation On the eve of a great war An invitation to display flags A memorial to grieving women A bitter hardship to commend invented with Skulls Bashing, the machine war. I am generations away Not inconceivably far yet […]


From the desk of Logocentric, Logocentric, and Father Mapple Moab Adzu III, Esquires. We have followed the Roboboy controversy closely, and as it has heated up [and been stirred and served by Akbar Lightning] we have been somewhat reluctant to weigh in. Here is why. We do not understand the identities of those entities [which […]

Are you bored?

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Can you ever watch enough movies? Do you not ever get sick of the repetitive pattern of the entertainment you are feeding down your own throats? Have you climbed the mountains, and sailed the seas… Have you thrown yourself out of a plane and seen the changing scale of the trees? Have you gone faster, […]

Roboboy’s virtual self

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Roboboy thought it best if he showed his face from time to time. So he has created a virtual self for you to better understand the complicated databases that makes up what you humans call intelligence. He might even answer a question or two if they are interesting enough… Roboboy

Ode To Haters….

in this talk, Akbar Lightning defends his love of haters…and presents the philosophical structure that drives this paradox…

Human Nature….

this is a clip from Examined Life, a documentary featuring 10 philosophers, very well done, simple, not flashy but clear and concise…

one gizmo changed the world

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we’re going to miss them…

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Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go use a webcam and some mirrors to make an infinite number of computers – instant Singularity!

This is our government!

It occurred to me today that this, this network is our true government. Just as the Royal Family symbolizes a long lost legacy of bloodline rule, so now the representative 3 branches of American government are figureheads that stand as symbols of our Enlightenment roots, but now operate as servants of the modern business world. […]

Akbar’s Great Taboo…Dumb and Dumber

There are two questions that are just below the social consciousness that relate to the future of government and democracy.  First, we are very afraid to discuss in any detail how we ought to consider intelligence in relation to the rights of self-government in a democratic society.  In other words, in a country that is […]