The End is Near

Hold onto your ankles boys and girls…we are getting ready to really see if there is a God, if there is anything like justice in this world…because according to the experts, it’s going to get real deep, real soon, so grab ahold of whatever reserves of courage and faith that you got and get ready […]

Cobblestone Streets

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My father was a giant. When he walked in rooms people always took notice. He could be seen above any crowd. One time I was lost as a child in Montreal. My mother taught French and she took the family and her class up to visit. We were all walking around a street market together. […]

I am Scared

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On Dangerous Writing. Dangerous Writing is a brand of minimalism that utilizes many literary techniques pioneered by Spanbauer and other Gordon Lish-influenced writers. The emphasis is on writing “dangerously” — that is, writing what personally scares or embarrasses the author in order to explore and artistically express those fears honestly. Most “dangerous writing” is written […]

The American Alphabet

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America Building Corporations Defense Economy Fear Game Healthcare Inefficiency Jobless Kings Lacerate Militias November Office Police Quake Racists Storm Terror Unacceptable Violence Washington Xenophobe Yearning Zealots

Taking the Leap

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tea party speeches and mixes. beats that go own and fix this. random thoughts that flow and bestow. you are not afraid. you are fearless. maybe we should talk. maybe I should write a lot. but I’m going to keep typing. but I’m going to keep vibing. random words these are. fleeting feelings so far. […]

the human steeple

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* Sports analogies continue to make up this world. They are used in battle and politics aswirl. We are moving the ball down the field is often said When talking of soldiers in combat who are blindly lead. Politicians speak of holding the line When speaking of slowing down legislation that should pass on time. […]

Thousands Are Sailing

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As if a weight was lifted. We spoke of our new possible next step. As if we were truly gifted. We spoke of our next best bet. We are pawns and can only go one move forward. As we pick ourselves up like a turtle with its shell going onward. Where opportunity calls we will […]

Angels and Demons

It occurred to me this morning, while in prayer, that we find ourselves in the same position as the angels did at the time of creation. As God moves forward with the evolution of the machine, and we see this new work of creation rise in our midst, we are caught in the same dilemma as the angels. Do we bow down before this new creature

The Actors are getting nervous….

I was watching an interview with Pierce Brosnan this morning, and he was asked to give advice to young actors, and after he advised against sitting around waiting for the telephone to ring, Matt Lauer agreed saying ‘yeah, he’s treating it less like an actor, and more like a businessman’ and there was a general agreement that this was a virtue, to treat the art as if it were a business.

Hard Wears Soft Wares

Every great philosopher is asked to describe two aspects of existence, reality and poetry. Reality is the whole and poetry is a way of confining the whole to a symbol. I find poetry in using hardware and software as metaphors for perceiving philosophical phenomena. The same object can be seen as hardware or software, these […]

Mob Rule

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Dear New World Order

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You can rob me.
You can take my house.

Red Pill or Blue Pill

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I woke up today.
I felt nauseous as usual.
I took a shower and thought

The Binary Path

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I claim no inheritance. Not a penny for this binary existence. And yes I must admit my fear But I think of our path and don’t want to veer. Because I want to embrace the change. I see the possible turns we might take. Some might think that for arguments sake we prepare for the […]

Naked as a Jay Bird…flying the instrusive skies.

Invasion of our privacy is a ‘threat to my security.’ we have to get sensible, we have to find a way to create meaningful dialogue about safety, about the nature of terrorism, and about how to begin trusting each other and building a true community.

Meditation on 2012

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Theories abound about 2012 in our collective story. Some believe it will be the end of mankind’s glory. Some believe it will be a new beginning for humanity Where we have an awakening and experience true clarity. This date manifests itself on the Mayan calendar as the end. Nostradamus predicted this being the day we should repent. The I […]

The Infertility of Capitalism

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Nights of Resignation…Hidden Guild Members Come Forth!

We are hidden, even to ourselves. that which compels us, we resist, because it seems wrong somehow. Sure we act out, but these are pressure relief valves, we have yet to break down the damn, the facade that secures us from those we know to be our captors, and rush forth with the flood of […]

The Glue that Binds

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I don’t want to be scared. Scared of not having health care. Scared of losing my income. Scared of not having friends to come To my funeral when I pass. Not to come to remember the past. When I was full of life and did silly acts Things I no longer remember as facts. That […]