Burn this motherfucker down and howl like a deranged dingo

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They are upright but should walk on all fours. They dress in their painted on jeans and t-shirts torn. Fed through vegan veggie wraps, wearing their tattooed sleeveless straps. Some are tan and few are clean. Most unshaven and all should be unseen. To not come out in public and maybe that is what they […]

The Armory Show and Fountain…NYC 2010

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yo globatron citizens, i am reporting from last weekend’s New York City art weekend.  i am tired, so i’m going to keep it short and sweet, and keep my commentary to the photos…I was more impressed with this year’s armory show than I have ever been.  This is the first year I have been and […]

A Simple Plan – Globatron Insurance Company

A thought occurred to me today…What is stopping people from starting their own non-profit insurance company. Given the right number of people, paying half of what they pay now, I am not sure why we couldn’t start a very simple pay-all insurance company. We would have no marketing costs, very few legal fights, and of […]

Vallario’s Latest Painting and Manifesto – The Heart of Markets

Dearest Globatron Citizens, I am happy to present to you the latest work of Ken Vallario, The Heart of Markets. Ken Vallario also wrote the following essay as a companion work to this painting, called Heart Transplant.  It is an art manifesto of sorts, a vulnerable exploration of artistic practice in the 21st century.  I […]

Gehry Rigging – Critique of an honored architect.

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Recently I visited Bard College in upstate New York with my family and we parked next to the music center designed by architect Frank Gehry.  And like all people of my generation I was excited to experience a work by this very popular man.  The building’s first impression was very good, that undulating sheet metal […]

Polar Brokers on Yale’s SAGE Magazine

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It was an honor to have three Polar Brokers drawings published as cover art for SAGE Magazine which is published by the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. Below is the entire publication starting out with the my work on the back cover.

Shannon Estlund and Ali Isabelle at ISH

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with guest artist Peter Henry. Click here to view an earlier studio visit done in January.  What an amazing transformation this space can have from studio/work space to gallery.


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New life-size, bonded aluminum sculpture by Emil Alzamora titled “Aegis”. Globatron did an interview with Emil several months ago in August of 2008 here: http://www.globatron.org/interviews/interview-with-emil-alzamora Note from Emil: Aegis is protection, it originates from greek mythology as a shield from harm, often a cloak/shield combined.  I made this piece as a response to the BS […]

Terror attack on Globatron!

Today, in an act of blind cowardice, former contributors James Greene and Mark Creegan logged in and deleted years of content containing his name and the name of Valuistics.  This act makes clear that when a few artists speak openly about art and its relationship with society, in an open and challenging way, those whose […]

Globatron’s Newest Member – Welcome Father Mapple Moab

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We at Globatron would like to welcome our newest member Father Mapple Moab Adzu III, pictured here while on vacation in Mexico.  He has joined us to work on some very exciting outreach work for Globatron, taking our discussions of art and purpose and truth to those institutions that represent such things.  He will be […]


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K I P P E N B E R G E R ! ! !

Cool Art

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Check out this cool street art. click link for Geekologie.com http://www.geekologie.com/2009/02/end_of_the_world_perspective_s.php

Chase and Gillyard at SCREEN ARTS!

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Eric Gillyard and Ian Chase at The Gallery at Screen Arts Opening Friday Feb 6th 5pm till 10pm Show runs thru March 31 Gallery located at 228 W. King ST. ST. Augustine FL

2birds video

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Appologies to VernissageTV for appropriating their editing style.

The Imagillaboration Project

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Ten minutes of the Imagillaboration Project presentation and discussion at Mocajacksonville.org, 1-8-9.

Johnathan McDermott at Bogda Gallery

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Johnathan McDermott at Bogda Gallery

Artists Night @ MOCA

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Join us for an evening for Artists The first in a series of events designed to foster and build connections within our local artistic community.  MOCA wants to maintain and strengthen its relationship with Jacksonville area artists; a relationship which has been revitalized by the recent exhibition Making Marks:  Jacksonville Creates. 6pm-9:00pm Click to Enlarge

Interview with Joy McGinnis from Bogda Gallery

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With the word of Bogda Gallery closing soon,  Joy Mcginnis put aside some time to do a chat interview with Globatron.  Bogda Gallery for the last 22 months has shown mostly local art from Jacksonville and the surrounding area through group shows.  Joy has allowed many artists their first chance to show ever by opening […]

Globatron 2008 Wrap Up

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With the year quickly wrapping up, I thought it was only right to do a sort of summary of Globatron’s perspective.  If anything, I believe Globatron has learned this year is that anyone who is actually trying help improve the scene is a part of the solution, and that there is a place for everyone.  […]

Backyard Bash at Jim Draper’s

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A Southern style cookout in the backyard of Jacksonville painter Jim Draper at his home/studio.  Finding a home & studio like this is most likely the goal of most young artists. It’s nice to see a mission accomplished, a very nice home/studio, and an artist surrounded by friends and family during the holiday season.  It […]