Cirque du Soleil Saltimbanco

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Final run through at the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena, 5-20-9. Previous interview with Cirque du Soleil’s Carmen Reuest here.

20 Questions with Hardison

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20 Questions with Hardison

To Learn more visit: (download the new album free) morrison: let’s talk about the new record can you talk a little about the song structure on this album? hardison: you mean Aphanus? morrison: yes, your latest release hardison: we wanted  a more atmospheric sound than we had on THIS which was simple and rockin. […]

sell out

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back from cuba. [youtube:]

baby doll nadine

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New solo act called Baby Doll Nadine’s first show at shanty town. The band is Morrison Pierce which produces the sound, video, and installation. [youtube:]

Man Man Live Halloween

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margot and the nuclear so and so’s

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[youtube:] live at jackrabbits, 11/11 2008. amazing show.

residue on windshields “scaredrabbits”

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Man Man Live Jacksrabbaits

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hardison “ballad of sun bros”

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Rage Against the Machine RNC

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(Performs Acapella in Crowd) [youtube:]

Interview with Kurt Polkey

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Interview with Kurt Polkey by Morrison Pierce.  Kurt is looking to trade artwork. If anyone’s interested email him at

scared tanks vs scared rabbits

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The Others

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the others st augustine fl 2008 the nest this band rocks [youtube:]


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Scared Rabbits in Gainesville

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