On This Land

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On This Land

There are ghosts on the road. They make the pavement cracked and old. They fill up your GPS with dots, connecting you from one grave to another. From brownstone to brownstone. As generations grow older and are born. So many faces are blurred together. So many variations on a theme. The living holding on to […]

Building a Nation

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Building a Nation

At night in a cell A mind that is bound Remembers torn flesh found Remembers wrongs done As it looks for vengeance Upon the day to come As night dangles its dice Above the rabid mind Readying for the hunt Enslave a mind and build an army Ready to use fear to inflict Ready to […]


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A life is a testament hard earned A story inked and burned Into clean skin A life is filled with scars Some too large to hide Most not seen live deep inside Where cells grow Our DNA knows The deep stress of survival So many terrible Winters No fire to burn No food to churn […]

Eating Air

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Eating Air

We will be eating air, soon
From tablets
To be unaffected

Lucinda Clark from SpacegirlOrganics.com

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Lucinda Clark from SpacegirlOrganics.com

It’s an organic process, pun intended. Usually when I start a market I rely on logistics already in place

Summer of ’13

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Summer of ’13

A day can be long, as time d-r-i-f-t-s from full moon to rising sun and back again. You can watch it all live, now, on demand. 3D, HD, full of color full of giving, full of loving. full of forgiving. But….you must choose. Choose if you want to get out of bed. to see the […]


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I did not get the context That was intended I did not understand What was transmitted It was cut and pasted You did not think I would take it Any other way than Here is something I should know You did not get the context When I went on that rant You did not hear […]


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Second mix by Globatron, Akbar Lighting and L.A. Mar. These projects start off with a theme, this one being the Singularity.  Each artist produces vocals by listening to the initial recording sampled by Akbar.  Then the recordings are sent back to Akbar and resampled into a mix in Garageband.  In essence they are collaborative e-songs.  […]

Go Bulldogs

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All of Jacksonville, and the surrounding area….this is a news bulletin. The American media has recently informed me of a news happening and because Jacksonville is so close to the Georgia border I would recommend fleeing Jacksonville as quickly as possible. Everyone should flee to at least New Orleans. As odd as it seems for […]

Choken Word 2

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Globatron’s a Pop Star

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It was a pleasure to read a glowing review of the Monster Art show at the old downtown library. As much as I would have liked to attend I didn’t.  As you all know Globatron isn’t into art about Monsters as I revealed in my first post, here.  I find the work generally shallow and […]

Air Bear

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On the streets of New York, Joshua Allen Harris creates inflatable animals by tying plastic shopping bags to the subway grates. The Air Bear is street art I can stomach. Not a big fan of Joshua’s other street art monsters but the Air Polar Bear is just so timely and now. Especially with it’s cycle […]

August Bogda Group Show

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I had the pleasure of meeting sculptor Johnathan McDermott. There’s a brief video interview below. Johnathan seems to have a lot of thought behind his work and the finished products are polished jewels. Morrison Pierce has some new raw work. His work seems to be dipped in a bucket of chaos wrapped in plastic, dripping […]

Bogda Group Show

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Click to enlarge Globatron plans on writing a review of this show. Maybe go and check it out so you can tell me how full of it I am.

Choken Word 1

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How Do I Love The Onion’s “Kelly” Cartoons?

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Let me count the ways: 1. They make for good parody precisely because many people do not recognize them as parodies. I did a double-take the first time I came across Ward Sutton‘s “Kelly” editorial cartoons in The Onion a couple years ago. At first blush they look like real Republican political cartoons. But it’s […]

Globatron’s sidekick

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Nugatron is my name. And I’m this many years old. See. I want American Kitty. Can you help me look for American Kitty? I want to be nice. I want to be nice.