Love’s Destiny

The following video is a recording of Azarai, man who very recently had an identity rebirth and has developed a philosophy of love, truth and harmony.  He is a great example of what I’ve been looking for in this world, a neo-primitive who is reawakened to the possibility of expansive identity and dares to dream […]

Kanye – Gate – The wool, the eyes, the media manipulation…

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My brothers and sisters, recently while doing research on the front, i posted a jokey status on me facebook, saying I had swung my support over to Kanye, and alas, I received the following comment, me thinks it was thoughtful and provocative, and me wonders, one, how much longer me going to use ‘me’ this […]

Truth to Power Biatches!!!!

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Yo I saw these when I accidentally came across a pretty powerful blog called, they are doing something very similar to what we are doing, with similarities that will be even more striking once we release our next project coming soon!  But check out these artists speaking truth to power, taking risks…hellz yeah!

Gehry Rigging – Critique of an honored architect.

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Recently I visited Bard College in upstate New York with my family and we parked next to the music center designed by architect Frank Gehry.  And like all people of my generation I was excited to experience a work by this very popular man.  The building’s first impression was very good, that undulating sheet metal […]

A Convenient Truth

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Anybody who claims to have a serious interest in Global Warming ought to listen to this podcast, and if you claim that your reasons for believing in the climate crisis is that you find the science convincing, then only prejudice would keep you from checking on these findings before maintaining that stance.  There are some […]

Globatron Heroes – The Yes Men

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When my radio alarm clock turned on this morning I heard an interview with these guys. I had heard of them and some of their pranks, but it occurred to me that they were perfect examples of a Globatron way of thinking about problems. They have a movie on the way, and they said in […]

Father Mapple Moab Adzu III finds his clearest manifestation…

In the movie that will be made to express Globatron’s growing consciousness Saul Williams will play Father Mapple Moab Adzu III. Sit back and be transported into the linguistic sublime, as time and rhyme chime the mystical metaphors and opens doors to stores of cosmic creative undulations. Thank you Saul Williams for your existence.

In Defense of Outrage – Father Mapple’s first sermon.

In Defense of Outrage

Globatron announces The Anti-Local World Tour!

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Citizens of Globatron, in an effort to spread the virus of Globatron all over the world, we are announcing a virtual exploration of our world.  We will pick one town out of every state and send the attached letter to businesses and art venues, and plumbers, whoever makes themselves available via the internet, in order […]

A new God is born! Globatron welcomes its new member Logocentric.

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Dear Citizens of Globatron, I have just received word that Globatron has initiated a new contributor to our site and his name is Logocentric.  Praise him and bless him with universal appeal as he partakes this journey with us.  Just now, as an omen of good fortune, a little owl has landed on my shoulder, What […]

Father Mapple Moab Adzu III’s Sermons #1 – Compromise in the 21st Century

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My dear Globatron citizens, It occurs to me that there remains, as part of the human condition, a tension in life, a stress that comes from the irreconcilable sets of desires that reside in both the individual and his/her society.  This relationship is a universal one, I think we can agree, and much of what […]

The Chicken Wire finds an informant – Many thanks to Karen Atkinson

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Hello Globatron citizens.  I am happy to announce that we have received our first official completed survey from our Welcome Mat/Chicken Wire project.  Karen Atkinson, a CalArts Faculty member, wrote a set of beautiful, provocative, and convincing answers to our survey.  She is obviously a person who lives very thoughtfully and consciously and represents exactly […]

The Superhero Registry – Globatron endorses Shadow Hare

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Check this sh%t out.  Real life super-heroes.  Click this link to see a registry of real-world super-heroes.  Rest assured that Globatron and Akbar Lightning will be registered soon. Father Mapple Moab Adzu III reporting.

Globatron Interviews William Gairdner – Part One

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Father Mapple Moab Adzu III, Globatron’s resident journalist interviews William Gairdner, famous author of The Book of Absolutes.  You can find out more about the man who calls himself a True Conservative and defends human universals at his website Question #1 Are there aspects of culture today that you see as a good example […]


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You heard it here first folks.  While those corporate-funded news agencies are happy to save this word for harder times, we here at Globatron are not nearly so hard-hearted when it comes to our fellow Americans.  Globatron declares that we have entered the Second Great Depression!  This historic announcement is hardly a negative thing.  In […]

News from the Front – Akbar and Globatron to resume search for art’s laws.

Dear Globatron, In a recent interview I asked Byron King, founder of Globatron, how he felt about all the hateful emails he had received as a result of this Chicken Wire project.  He responded, “Vikings didn’t sit around and cry because someone didn’t like them.”  And I was not surprised when he explained later in […]

Welcome Mat #2

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We would like to welcome the faculty of the following six schools whom we invited to participate in the art survey (click here). Yale University California Institute of the Arts Maryland Institute College of Art University of Alaska – Fairbanks University of New Orleans William Patterson University of New Jersey These 6 schools were chosen […]

Terror attack on Globatron!

Today, in an act of blind cowardice, former contributors James Greene and Mark Creegan logged in and deleted years of content containing his name and the name of Valuistics.  This act makes clear that when a few artists speak openly about art and its relationship with society, in an open and challenging way, those whose […]

Welcome Mat #1

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The Welcome Mat is part of an investigative report that Father Mapple Moab Adzu III is conducting. He sent this letter to this university whom we had contact with recently and invited them to discuss a variety of topics. What you will find in this post is a comment thread that represents the feedback from […]