Father Mapple’s Prophecies #1

The 21st century will see truth dethroned as the ideal target of philosophy and honesty will take its place. Father Mapple Moab Adzu III

Father Mapple’s Life Lessons…#1

The strength of a relationship is discovered in the exploration and dismantling of obstacles to shared purpose… If you would like to learn more about this, read the wave that is growing over at GU, and see how Akbar and Globatron found some solutions to our existential crisis…. This post was brought to you by […]

Father Mapple’s Commandments #1

My dear Globatron brethren and sistren, I have been thinking lately about the nature of law-giving.  Anybody who has been around our temple for any time knows that this is a constant fascination for me.  I have been meditating on how it is that such things operate, like the 10 commandments, The Code of Hammurabi, […]

The Problem of Poetry

Here’s a spoken word piece…hope you likey… Click Here to Play

Freedom of Speech

Ted Glick, environmental activist is being sentenced today…for hanging banners to communicate to our government the simple message of ‘Green Jobs Now.’  The government has gone out of their way to encourage the court to triple the sentence.  God Bless America.  Write a letter folks, or post this on facebook, this is insanity….

Father Mapple’s Sermons #1

When I have facilitated the liberation of one soul besides myself, then I have repaid karmic debt of my own liberation. When I have facilitated the liberation of two souls, I have increased the good in the universe. When I have instructed these souls to do as I have done, then I have made myself […]

Divine Comedy

the following sound artifact was recently found in an old barn in upstate new york, by a man named Jarvis Hempstead…Jarvis went to school with my sister, and upon listening to this tape he knew that I would find it interesting, so he said “Frederick (that’s my given name), these guys are as crazy as […]

Memorial to Peace

On these military holidays, I am comforted by access to those who stand for peace. To those who have tragically fallen to warfare, I honor you by holding onto and expressing an enthusiasm for a world where violence is no longer a profession and murder takes its rightful place in the list of sins that […]

The End is Near

Hold onto your ankles boys and girls…we are getting ready to really see if there is a God, if there is anything like justice in this world…because according to the experts, it’s going to get real deep, real soon, so grab ahold of whatever reserves of courage and faith that you got and get ready […]

Quantum Leap

Posted by on May 24, 2010 in Science

Yo G-tron citizens…check out this latest experiment…things are going to get real jiggy real fast up in here…y’all goin make me lose my mind…up in here…up in here… Father Mapple (PhysOrg.com) — Scientists in China have succeeded in teleporting information between photons further than ever before. They transported quantum information over a free space distance […]

Beyond Beyond Good and Evil

If evil can be defined as processes that work against human happiness and natural balance, then we can agree that evil exists and therefore that good also exists, those forces that add to human happiness and natural balance.  The effort to live without these notions is a failed experiment, a kind of hubristic aim to […]

Angels and Demons

It occurred to me this morning, while in prayer, that we find ourselves in the same position as the angels did at the time of creation. As God moves forward with the evolution of the machine, and we see this new work of creation rise in our midst, we are caught in the same dilemma as the angels. Do we bow down before this new creature

The State of the Union

Posted by on Jan 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

Relationships are conditional. Absolute commitment is as a ridiculous notion as absolute freedom. We respond, we react and in so doing discover our limitations, our boundaries, that which makes us what we are, unique. I am struck lately by the grooviness of this thing, this globatron. And I believe it has to do with surrender, […]

Lizards, Wizards and the White Hizzouse….

Just when you think the rabbit hole couldn’t get any weirder, I’m bring you this…A friend of mine told me about this weirdness the other day.  As with all the so-called fringe issues in our modern world, this one has real believers, and those of us trying to figure out the big picture have to […]

Nights of Resignation…Hidden Guild Members Come Forth!

We are hidden, even to ourselves. that which compels us, we resist, because it seems wrong somehow. Sure we act out, but these are pressure relief valves, we have yet to break down the damn, the facade that secures us from those we know to be our captors, and rush forth with the flood of […]

More on Ignorance

Dear Globatron Citizens, I want to continue my investigation of ignorance, stupidity and false confidence.  After listening to Bill Moyers’  latest show that utilized old recordings of President Johnson and his discussions of Vietnam and War to illustrate the parallels to today’s problems in the Middle East I was struck by the sound of […]

Good News!

Hello Citizens, as we here at Globatron are often guilty of pointing out all the evils of the world, I leapt at the chance to pass this program along to you, to share the 3 stories of hope and good news concerning our species and its proclivity for violence.  If you need an uplift, if […]

To Bee or Not to Bee – Colony Collapse Disorder

the following post is not meant really to express an environmental concern, it is a metaphor.  bees are insects that exhibit many of the traits of civilization, they have division of labor, they build colonies, they work collaboratively toward goals, they have architecture.  the reading below is from Harper’s Magazine Findings section.  when I read […]

New Bodies…

yo citizens, this seems like one of those rare looks into something that will have far reaching consequences. just my prediction…if this doesn’t both freak you out and excite you, then you became a robot a long time ago…Father Mapple Moab Adzu III