This is our government!

It occurred to me today that this, this network is our true government. Just as the Royal Family symbolizes a long lost legacy of bloodline rule, so now the representative 3 branches of American government are figureheads that stand as symbols of our Enlightenment roots, but now operate as servants of the modern business world. True government, the organization of human willpower is now in the hands of this machine. I am not using that word in a derogatory sense. It is what we make it to be. We are now all self-governing creatures, ones albeit in a class-based relationship to one another, but nonetheless we have all the power to organize and make change that we could ever ask for. But, we are too frightened to look to closely at this, and so our mock government, the President and Congress, they entertain us and give us a way to hold onto past values, even though the ground is shifting under our feet. What none of us want to look at too closely is that we are, many of us, the result of our decisions. If we cared about the Rwandan Genocide we would spend time with some network that moves energy toward a solution to those problems. If we cared about a cure for cancer, we would involve ourselves with groups of people who share this. But, many of us don’t want to see this power, we want to hold onto the idea that we are victims of a failed system because we refuse to accept the responsibility that has been thrown at us, and we would hate to think that what we truly love is base, that we love a small set of minor concerns.

Consciousness about personal choice is closing in on us. Freedom is another word for nothing left to lose. This is our government, this is humanity, this is the real world, and it is time to get busy saving all those things you believe are worth saving, and accepting all the losses you are willing to dismiss. the great shadow of human pragmatism is the pathway to 21st century humility.


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