The Tao of Akbar #2 – History 2.0

History is not dead.

However, never before have so many people wanted to perceive it in the present.

This is the paralysis we feel when confronting our place in the world, as we seek to inject ourselves into a perceived narrative arc, an allegorical illusion inculcated by a mechanized system of culture.  Many people call a response to this feeling an object of post-modernism, but this is a defense against a kind of frenetic obsession with activity.

Tomorrow’s history will be as reduced and filtered as yesterday’s, and our desire for a place in that extracted set of remains is magnified by growing existential doubts about the soul.  The hunger for life is so maddening that one can waste away the whole of it trying to tie it down.

History is not dead, but we are the moment we focus on it.


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