The Bullet Proof

Listening to the interview this morning on my alarm clock radio, as they tested the new Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor, as democrats pointed out those times when she judged against a more liberal interpretation of the law, urging her to express her support of the right to bear arms, in order to assure the red-neck right wing nut jobs of this country that she is not a liberal, that she is fair, I asked myself Why? Why the appeasement?

I remember when Obama was running for president how he had to express his Christianity, how he expressed his anti-gay marriage stance, how he appeased people, appeasing the crazy lunatics that somehow have so much power in this country.  Why?

I’ll tell you why, because the liberals are not bullet proof.  This is what we need, those of us who love justice and truth and real progressive government, we need a mechanism to outsmart the lunatics that have no problem eliminating any threat to their frightened, ignorant, simplistic world views.  This would be a philosophical proof, a revolutionary way of seeing ourselves.

The days of standing in front of tanks is over, laying our bodies out there willingly to satisfy the sacrificial desires of those human barbarians.  What is needed in this proof, is an acceptance of the fear of violence, as a natural and healthy response to a grotesque perversion.  Violence is the greatest human perversion, but it is a powerful one, and to fight it, to confront it, we need something incredibly sophisticated, something like a stealth bomber that can fly wherever it wants without being picked up by the radar.  In some ways, this is a Straussian notion, but the exoteric application of this mechanism must yield the kind of results that attract adherents.  And we must give them one promise, we must make them bullet proof!

Radiohead’s Bullet Proof I wish I was…

Limb by limb and tooth by tooth,
Tearing up inside of me,
Every day, every hour, just wish that I…
Was bulletproof

Wax me, mould me,
Heat the pins and stab them in,
You have turned me into this, just wish that it…
Was bulletproof
Was bulletproof

So pay me money and take a shot,
Lead fill the hole in me,
I could burst a million bubbles, all surrogate…
And bulletproof
And bulletproof
And bulletproof


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  1. globatron
    July 15, 2009

    Great point Akbar. Why do liberals seem to have to always hide what they are? When did liberal become such a filthy word? I’d like to do research on that. I listened to the news coverage tonight of the Sotomayor hearings and I too am a bit amazed why she can’t just back up her statement about “the wise Latina woman”. It’s become such a big issue it would be great if she said I meant it and this is why….

    Same thing with Obama. I wish he would have just said I’m a Christian and if you have doubts on my faith then that’s your problem. Plus a President’s religious faith should have no bearing on him being a great President. That anyone of any faith or lack of faith could have the ability (intelligence, judgment, morality, etc.) to be President.

    Which reminds me of Colin Powell’s speech endorsing Obama which I thought was right on. Maybe Powell is bullet proof? This post is quite zeitgeist by the way. I’m sure a lot of liberals are wondering the same thing today.


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