Small Words

Posted by on Aug 3, 2010 in Akbar Lightning, Experimental Sounds

This is dedicated to G-tron who insisted that I could do this.  Thanks bro, for being obstinate in your beliefs.  I hope my latest round of obstinacy will make sense soon.

This also goes out to all those who have asked for shorter words.

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  1. Byron King
    August 4, 2010

    how did you wrap your head around speaking in rhythm. I’m wondering what your process was to accomplish that? i can’t imagine? such speed in your speech. you might be using small words but you put them together in long sentences.

    bravo… i need to listen again but this seems perfect for Buddy. I wonder if he is still out there and is so afraid of large words.

    i think the next thing to be said might be to speak slower. write in a larger font and use simple sentences.

    For example:
    i like rap.
    rap is fun.
    it makes me smile.
    smiling makes me happy.

    Which gives me an idea for a new RNC slogan. Thank you for the inspiration. I’m glad to see you pushed on through.

  2. Akbar Lightning
    August 4, 2010

    doing a rap song is the best way to develop an appreciation for professionals, because eminem can lay one of these bad boys out in a week…

    i however, worked on this, on average, about an hour a day for the last 2 months…it’s a little embarrassing, but i wanted to respond to your question.

    as michelangelo famously said ‘if you knew how hard i worked, you would not call it genius’…

    for most of that time i was struggling with the writing, listening to the beat, developing the windows where i would rap, throwing tons of rhymes away until it became more and more natural…struggling mostly with the feeling that what i was trying to do was impossible, which was make it more naturalistic and conversational…

    a few weeks ago, after failing to convince you that it was impossible, i had a breakthrough and the last 2 rap sections came out of me rather naturally. but i would write it, then try and rap it with the music, after trying to rap it, weaknesses would be glaring and i would fine tune the writing. the conversation at the end with akbar is the part i am most proud of, and it was the most fun.

    anywhoo, that was my process, i am bolstered by this development and i am now working on another one soon, with the gained confidence, i hope i can really make it more in my voice, and not so much in the shadow of comparison..

    thanks buddy…

    i like rap,
    it’s so cool,
    i write this crap
    for all you fools…he he

  3. Akbar Lightning
    August 4, 2010

    Here’s the lyrics:

    You asked for me to write
    Something that’s not so tight
    Some words that don’t defy
    Attempts to clarify,
    Looking at it with your mind’s eye…

    on the border of bruising my pride, you ordered smaller words to coincide
    with smaller thoughts put forward for a narrow mind..
    Ingloriously you bastardize my tongue, imploring me irrationally to come undone,
    Just for once, just for fun, sing a song without a ton, of those runs that remind me that I am one,
    With those unsung heroes that get strung up on the rungs the frustrated sons facing guns redundantly defying grunts on the other side of the front …

    Here it comes,

    You ask for shorter words, but what about the nature of the situation,
    It’s so absurd and backwards, blaming me for the complicated nature of creation,

    The learned words don’t deserve to be observed by the herd, a nerd’s bird’s eye view in lieu of a surfeit of pews, but there I’ve gone again losing you…let me return to the station…and forsake the path, let me take in what I’ve learned, and not get lost in translation…the cost of being burned by a commentator’s hateful participation…

    You asked for me to write
    Something that’s not so tight
    Some words that don’t defy
    Attempts to clarify,
    Looking at it with your mind’s eye…

    So, now I’ll pause and retract my claws, take a break from pointing out your flaws,
    And attempt to tear down the walls between the integration of complexity and philosophical nuance,
    I got a stake in the future fashioning of sophisticated laws, and that’s the cause of my verbal barrage

    That’s me pausing long enough to assuage your entourage, it’s pronounced assuage, but I made a decision to placate the range of your rage by dedicating the page to creating a pleasant rhyme, I set the stage by setting the pheasant free from the cage, like a dove flying high above, peace go with you like a gentle shove into a bubble bath, the wrath of cattle getting prodded into the pasture, the battle forgotten is a cultural disaster, the shattered hopes and dreams is a mastery of propagandistic teams of zombie masters casting calls sound like a scream, but my silver tongue is spitting bullets at the screen, know what I mean?

    and I got the wherewithal to kick the werewolf in the balls and brake my wooden stake off in his spleen,

    You asked for me to write
    Something that’s not so tight
    Some words that don’t defy
    Attempts to clarify,
    Looking at it with your mind’s eye…

    Ah man, I did it again,
    What you do?

    flights of fancy,

    I got sucked into the dance of intellectual prancing

    My fans think I should slow it down, that I should stand still and show my hand, they’ve called me out
    As though I’m bluffing, but I’ll huff and I’ll puff and blow the candles out of the windows now, then I’ll go all in
    Show my full house, I may be a wolf in sheep’s clothing but I’ve grown comfortable in grandma’s blouse,

    That’s funny,

    I know it’s making me grin, it’s not grim like a tale of two cities, it’s a sin not to be optimistic when listening to the duplicitous social critics…

    I’m so lost,

    At what cost, get found, pound your fists, get loud, get ludicrous, get proud, I’m off the rails now, I’m allowed to express the best thoughts that travel around my square footing…I’m not good will hunting, I’m shooting myself in the foot if I’m bunting, I’ve never been comfortable at the plate, I’ve always hated to navigate myself through the diamond press of contemporary industrial waste, so there’s a taste of my haste to save face in this disgrace of a place, amazing grace to see the finish line in spite of the fast pace of the race…

    So that’s it then, you’ve committed to being misunderstood

    As I should, every thinker if he could would be like woodgrains, mysteriously entrapped in the wood, poetically reminding us of the good…I’m out, don’t pout, go back and listen again, then shout alowd to the crowd what you’ve heard and never again ask for shorter words….

    Peace out…peace out…peace out…

  4. Greg
    August 4, 2010

    Never been one much for rap myself, just seems more like poetry done to a beat. But then I guess all music is that to some degree.

    Globa what made you decide to change your avatar name?

  5. globatron
    August 4, 2010

    what a process. damn hard it seems. jeez. thanks for sharing Akbar.

    i’m sure you could get it down to a week process like Eminem. there is no reason you can’t. oh, time and money. maybe that would be a reason.

    but yeah man. the process. ain’t it wonderful to have one. i used to think they were a trap but now i feel as if it’s just a guide. of course fill it in with some meat and potatoes. some something.

    but the process is grand. it is the invisible hand.

    the back and forth is nice. you definitely have two personalities in this. i was thinking about writing smaller and simpler. how to get it to the core.

    still thinking on that.

    Greg as to your question, I decided to not use a pen name anymore because i don’t want to speak of living without fear then use a pen name to hide behind.

    That was a recent choice and I’m sticking with it.

    I like rap and poetry when i can relate to it and it seems to have a message, which is not often.

    There are so few really great rappers. So few poets I relate to as well.

    Keep at it Akbar. It was nice to be able to read the words as well. Looking forward to your next piece.

    I’m still on a creative hiatus.



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