Political Tourism

I am not posting the following video to arouse a political discussion.  I mean come on, these people hardly warrant a serious response.  I am posting it as a device to illustrate a few theories of mine.

1.  Politics and political nostalgia have become a form of tourism, like a virtual game that some people play.

2.  If you look at the state of health of the people in the video, I suspect that underneath all that fat is an unconscious rage against Michelle Obama’s efforts to fight childhood obesity.  They are not afraid of communism, they are afraid of vegetables.

3.  Most importantly, never before have we had such a clear picture of the paradoxical power of that kind of dysfunctional educational system that requires a denial of any judgments about intelligence.  I am willing to bet that most of these people have high-school diplomas, and that says something very profound about the legitimacy of such a document.  Most of them have never had the gift of being reprimanded for ungrounded opinions, and so they are like spoiled children who live with the anxiety of rampant and nonsensical desires that drive them to seek attention they never got as children.  In my experiences with psychological transformation, healing is always a mix of loving attention mixed with a very strong discipline.


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  1. john tron
    September 1, 2010

    if you vote for me you won’t fill this disgust because i will promise you nothing. and when you get nothing for what i promise you will not feel contempt but fulfillment of my lack of promise.

    the trick will actually be doing something. if i as John Tron do anything positive for the country you will be forced to smile as you would have not expected anything. it’s nearly buddhist in philosophy. but also very ultra christian.

    Vote for John Tron for Governor, or Senator or whatever….


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