Ode to Greedy Greg

My dearest Greg,

You, like so many in our time, having seen a speech from Wall Street, the movie, have made a mistake that many 10 year olds of my generation used to make, wanting to dress up like Darth Vader for Halloween…Because you see, Gordon Gekko, representative of human greed as a source of economic power is supposed to be seductive, Gordon Gekko is supposed to arouse temptation…That is the fulcrum upon which these morality tales are poised.  You see, the Dark Side is a powerful force and economic greed does yield some individual comforts…but as a result of this exchange, one loses sight of basic human decency, and one walks toward sociopathology as did Darth Vader.  If you have missed this aspect of the movie, then one could say, you missed the whole point, as so many do.  Goodness would be an uninteresting trifle if evil and greed were not so seductive, if they did not so perfectly fit and accommodate our deepest fears. The Good would not be so rare if it did not require so great a sacrifice.



  1. Greg
    May 29, 2010

    First Akbar nice way to take a personal shot at me. Fine, glad you found it worth your time. To let you know I am a huge Star Wars fan, even have some of the movie set items and stuff, saw the original when I was like 8, over 20 times. So please don’t preach to me about the Dark Side. While you might equate and want to catagorize all corporations and capatilist as greedy Sith Lords, I do not subscribe to that. IF you ever read any of the EU books you would know there is larger organizations in the Star Wars Universe, even businesses, they are not evil. Evil is intent, pure and simple. If your intent is to destroy through willful knowledge then you could be considered evil.

    Ambition and motivation are not bad things. Greed like all things when taken to the extreme without balance can be destructive. So you want to make satarical posts about me. I am flattered. Good thing my self esteem is not dependant on your approval of me. 🙂 Now I have to go gas up my car and lawn mower to cut the grass. Doing my part to save the environment.

  2. logocentric
    May 29, 2010

    to repeat myself a bit, from a previous post. i don’t see this as a ‘personal shot.’ as i recall, you explicitly made an argument in favor of greed. what did you expect Akbar to respond with? a treatise on circus clowns perhaps? is it provocative? yep. but just as clear is your personal attachment to this morally-dubious tenet of american culture.

  3. Akbar Lightning
    May 30, 2010


    first of all, you admit that greed can become destructive…that was the entire reason we have been debating, because you were defending greed as a ‘good.’

    then, you, make a point to mention using gas, and saying you are doing your part for the environment…this has nothing to do with the post, and it shows, frankly a desire to be dismissive about issues that some people find, not only important, but worthy of more respect than you are giving it.

    although, you clothe your comments in defensive, alternative viewpoint rhetoric, it is obvious that you have no interest in these issues other than pointing out their irrelevance…all the while claiming that WE are making the judgments…

    if you made arguments for your positions, rather than presenting opinions as arguments…(something that would require some education to discern, this is not sarcastic, it is meant literally), then you would be handled perhaps more respectfully, but as you continue to show a kind of pleasure in the dismissal of issues that are hurting people every day, i can no longer pretend that you have good intentions…

    and to reiterate, perhaps i don’t know you in real life…i only know this virtual person, and any judgments made are made to that alone…i make no claims on how you behave in the ‘real’ world…but here, you have shown a complete disrespect for the stated purposes of this site, and it is growing tiresome…


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