Love is Real…Real is Love…

i thought this video about the dating game was interesting. i think the instinctual reaction to such a thing is horror, and i would love to know why…even i have that knee-jerk reaction…but because i practice suspending my immediate judgments, i realized that there is nothing wrong with such a game, if it provides pleasure and excitement…and that this is actually an application that allows people to practice the formation and maintenance of a relationship…one not subject to gross manipulation…i think what movies provided for the 20th century, such games will provide in the next 10 years, and as a lover of culture i look forward to that game that fully integrates with my life and sweeps me up in a narrative that actually reconnects me to my environment…

I think i’m turning japanese….i really think so…


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  1. globatron
    September 1, 2010

    sociologist must be having a field day with this one.

    I wonder how many different applications of this same concept they are working on?

    Seems John and Yoko had it right. The whole getting shot at the end though isn’t a very happy ending though.

    how about passion? can there be a game for passion? can it be taught? can morals be taught through gaming?


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