Laying down the Law! A Fresh Start

Posted by on Apr 5, 2009 in Akbar Lightning, Laws

Many of you out there have watched this controversial process involving the search for innate principles
within the creative/artistic process. Although, most have misinterpreted it as a search for proscriptive
measures. Nonetheless some of us felt it was a fruitful exercise. Ironically, it caused some tension among others who argued that such a line of questioning was itself offensive to what I will call, for lack of its clarification, ‘taste.’ This blog is itself an art project, and as one of the collaborators, I think it is a damn good one.

A few of us see the tension of this controversy as good and have decided to pursue it with even more
diligence. Those who have defended tolerance and relative values on this sight have expressed that
this is quite intolerable, and we find that hypocrisy irresistible. So, we are embarking on an
investigative journey into the university art system, so that we may look for more answers from the
authorities concerning our artistic curiosity.

The purpose of this post in particular is to clean the slate. There were 9 laws proposed as topics of
discussion and it was useful but sometimes it is best to start from scratch. So Globatron and Akbar
Lightning will be discussing fresh new laws that we feel confident about and trying to post some new,
more universal attempts, approximations of those things we are learning. Also, we will be posting
those laws that we find the community telling us we are breaking. Like, ‘Don’t email somebody’s
employer!’, that seems to be a law for some. Anyways, if you want to send us laws we’ve broken, we
would love that. If you want to involve yourself in the search for artistic truths, all the better. Jump
in folks, we are going all the way!

Akbar Lightning Loves You!


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