If You Can’t Take the Heat…

Posted by on Oct 4, 2009 in Akbar Lightning, Experimental Sounds

I don’t wanna table this discussion, the assumption is that enough is enough,
That percussion is rough, but then it’s tough to never get the stuff that you want
From the other side of the moon, the shadowy truth never comes too soon,
In boon times it seems to rhyme like history’s a dream, it seems too
Convenient for the cream to always rise to the top, extreme proles confronting cops,
Bad boys protecting rolls and shops, as we make choices, to be or not
To be, to me it’s an illusion, the solution is admitting that free-will is caught
Between a rock and a hard place, why face big brother? Why not?
Why bother making him hot under the collar….cause if you can’t stand the heat

While you wallow in self-pity in your shitty dreams of sipping sangria in Tahiti
I’ll be eating cold pasta and getting ready for the war of peace and feeding the needy
seeding the deserts reviving the dreams of nefertiti
you see a long time ago, in a galaxy far away, I was saved by a fellow slave by the name of globatron, craving pizza from getting cheeba on in the heater in brooklawn, surrounded by puerta Ricans.

Curtains drawn, that’s scene one,

for a while we were separated enraged, we’d grown on, confused, going our own ways, but an intervention of fate, an act of allah, god, or obi wan, the force was strong, violating the laws of Newton, I got a call from globatron and we let bygones be bygones, and moved on, now we are back and won’t be stopped by no fucking one,

It’s on, a site of digital élan, struggling against oppression and bondage of the downtrodd on, people getting shit on, spit on, taken from, they are the forsaken ones, and we’ve taken it on, and on, and on And if you can’t take the heat, get out of the heater, when you stand up to meet,

The goddess of love, be unafraid to meet her, with your eyes and realize, above and beyond all, that you’re called to stand tall, grateful for all you’ve been given, living the life you want to be living, and when you fall, there’s a limit, globatron’s gonna give it, callin y’all to be driven toward an end, equality for one and all, and the song goes on and on, if you can’t take the


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  1. globatron
    October 4, 2009

    This is turning into a Puff Daddy/Biggy Smalls buddy partnership. Globatron is truly honored to be mentioned in this piece. This song is the legacy of Akbar and Globatron. It this creative partnership is ever mentioned in history this will be our theme song.

    Of course like any good buddy rap duo Globatron will have to reply with a rap reply of his own. The Heater was a magical time.

    Here’s a post I made about those days of yore. Thankfully we have not lost the passion or craziness of our youth.



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