Akbar’s Theology #1

This is part of a larger thesis I am working on, that will eventually, once i clarify the argument turn into a full 21st century argument for the existence of God or Gods, and the need to utilize religious language to interpret experience and find balance. Feel free to critique or engage.

Akbar’s Theology #1 – The Accidental Intelligence of Systems

Any system that cannot derive from internal principles the anomalous affects of another system can be said to be under the influence of an external intelligence. In other words, the randomness of the system does allow for that type of intelligent behavior that can be perceived as having personality. Whether or not such systems are conscious, as defined by our own experience, does not impinge on the necessity to acknowledge forces that combine to affect our emotions, our choices, and our existential insights. And as such, these forces exhibit a personality, if only defined through its affects, as per the human condition. I point to this, not to undermine the personification of these forces, but to show that there is a realm of logic that justifies a religious understanding. Once such a leap is taken, then we may, without scientific shame, make the gambit of relating with our fullest self to these mysteries, unfettered by that material neurosis that divides every force as though the universe were a set of pieces arranged on an infinite lab table.


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