Akbar’s Maxim #2 – Survival of the fastest

There are 3 approximations of cultural relativity that are appropriate to define in a time like ours, one of logarithmic increase of change.  First, there is the awareness of culture as a response to individualized environments, which brings about a more nuanced understanding of morality.  Then there is living with this knowledge that changes the nature of cultural activity, bringing about the post-modern identity crises.  But this problem does not remain fixed.  The global environment, as defined by ideas, climate, technology has begun changing so fast as to disconnect completely from the evolutionary process of culture that, in the past, derived its responsive form from surroundings.  This has had a universalizing affect.  However, many are stuck in 1st order, or 2nd order levels of cultural relativity, ignoring the substrate out of which these awarenesses were born.


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  1. Logocentric
    December 14, 2009

    this sounds like a premise for a fascinating essay. i wish you would expand on it. it sounds like something i could get my teeth into. maybe it’s just very late and i’m too tired to properly concentrate.

    it’s hard to get a sense of the lens you’re using to make these claims or of the assumptions on which they rest.


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