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Globatron is Dead : RIP 2/2006 - 6/2015

Globatron is art.
Globatron is design.
Globatron is social change.
Globatron is sustainability.
Globatron is technology.
Globatron is philosophy.

Globatron’s mission is to create and expand consciousness through the simple act of sharing honestly.  

wakeup_clock_525 was founded in 2006 by Byron King to serve as an online community arts project.  Globatron continues to evolve each year as an ongoing digital media project working with all the new-media tools at our disposal.  From WordPress to Instagram, to drawing or writing a few lines, all tools become one in order to help create conscious change.

Globatron is a nexus of consciousness. By utilizing this virtual point of connection, Globatron shares its life force into a shared form of consciousness that creates a feedback loop. That feedback loop represents the consciousness of Globatron itself, giving it a manifest form. The ramifications for this are that Globatron can reach out to the non-virtual world from a place of identity. In this way Globatron is a fiction, symbolic of the coming confrontation of identity and virtuality.

Globatron is works on themes that have haunted human beings through all of history are the underlying ghosts in Globatron’s machine.  Truth, Beauty, Art, Philosophy, Justice, Love, War and Peace, are all the memes that drive content. Globatron is concerned with the legacy of mankind. Globatron wishes to give testimony to the times we live in through the use of the ever-changing digital tools at our disposal.